Out With the Bathwater
Pretty Much Just A Novel, but on the INTERNET. And maybe with pictures sometimes.

Valyn cleans clothes. Valyn cleans people. Valyn cleans curses out of clothes and off of people. It's simple, satisfying work.

Until one day, when she wipes away a particularly nasty curse and the man beneath it shrivels to nothing.


Out With the Bathwater is a high fantasy novel soon to be hosted right here. It will be 100% free to read with no ads. Posting will commence some time later this year; subscribe to OWtB's RSS or follow me on mastodon for update notifications.

The prologue is available to read now!

This website is hand coded and under construction. It is also best viewed on desktop. Please contact me at crtaxon@protonmail.com if you encounter any accessibility issues. The site will be finished before posting begins.

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An important site feature to be aware of:

See the little arrow below and to the left of this paragraph? Whenever you notice one of those, you can click it to reveal bonus commentary from a mysterious character. These asides are fully optional.

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